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Entry in Device Models Description Units
Sonar Specifics
Max_Num_Beams value Maximum number of beams on the device #
Operating_Frequency_1 value Operating frequency 1 (or prime freq.), kHz kHz
Operating_Frequency_2 value Operating frequency 2 (or zero if 1 frequency), kHz kHz
Max_Angle value Maximum angle away from nadir, deg Deg
Beam_Width_Across value Across track beam width Deg
Beam_Width_Along value Along track beam width Deg
Steering_Angle value Angle beyond which beams are steered Deg
Range_Sampling_Frequency value Range sampling frequency Hz
Range_Sampling_Distance value Range sampling distance m
Min_Pulse_Length value Minimum pulse length ms
Repitition value Maximum repitition rate pings per sec
Bathy value Rate of bathymetry packets packets per sec
Attitude value Rate of attitude packets packets per sec
Imagery value Rate of imagery packets packets per sec
Bathy value Number of packets of bathy information packets in datagram
Attitude value Number of packets of attitude information packets in datagram
Imagery value Number of packets of imagery packets in datagram
Device Properties
Imagery value Device is a multi-beam (No = single-beam) Yes / No
SideScan value Device is a true side-scan sonar Yes / No
Towed value Device is towed/tethered or is being towed Yes / No
Calibrated value Device backscatter is calibrated in dB Yes / No
DualFrequency value Device uses two operating frequencies Yes / No
HasAccuracy value Accuracy information available through device module calls Yes / No
Steered value Device has steered beams Yes / No
Splithead value Device has a dual transducer configuration Yes / No
Bathymetric value Device can generate bathymetry information Yes / No
Imagery value Device can generate imagery (backscatter) Yes / No
Attitude value Device can generate attitude datastream Yes / No
It is advised that all fields are populated as other fields will be used in future releases of CARIS HIPS
Values in red are required by the CARIS HIPS devicemodels.xml