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Backed by over 25 years of excellence, the HIPS and SIPS™ suite of products offers essential capabilities and professional grade tools for hydrographic data processing. Supporting over 40 industry standard data formats, HIPS and SIPS can easily integrate into any workflow. It enables you to simultaneously process multibeam, backscatter, side scan sonar, single beam and lidar data. It incorporates the latest in 3D visualization technology for the purpose of hydrography, oceanography and marine science. As part of the Ping-to-Chart™ workflow, HIPS and SIPS can be easily expanded to meet your wider geospatial needs.

New Features in Version 10.4

Here are the top new features in the latest release of HIPS and SIPS

Precal RMS

Automatic Boresight Calibration

Borrowing adjustment techniques from the lidar industry, the new Multibeam-IMU Automatic Calibration (MIBAC) algorithm developed by CIDCO is now available in HIPS™. The Automatic Boresight Calibration tool is designed to simplify both survey planning and post-processing for calibration requirements, requiring fewer survey lines in the field and providing a repeatable, robust calculation of the boresight angles between the IMU and sonar in post-processing in just a few clicks. The algorithm also provides immediate feedback to the processor on the quality and confidence of the calculation.


R2Sonic TruePix™ Imagery

By popular demand, R2Sonic TruePix™ imagery is now supported through two distinct workflows: for processing as flat imagery similar to side scan processing, or in full 3D as part of our Multiple Detection workflow, where points are imported as Additional Bathymetry for use in target identification, feature development and more.

Laser scanner

New Formats

Currently available to limited clients, Kongsberg will soon be rolling out a new logging format KMALL with their latest-generation sonar systems worldwide. In anticipation of this change, HIPS and SIPS now supports this new logging format across all of our broad toolset, including bathymetry, backscatter, and water column imagery processing.

To support better integration with 3rd-party acquisition and processing systems, support for the Triton XTF format has now been extended for advanced processing in SIPS Backscatter. This includes support for Teledyne RESON and R2Sonic sonars as stored in the XTF format from common acquisition systems. Note not all system configurations are fully supported by the XTF format, please contact for details.

A full list of enhancements is available to subscription members on the CARIS Customer Support site.

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Which Package Fits Your Needs?

Teledyne CARIS™ knows that accuracy and efficiency are all-important in your business, which is why the HIPS and SIPS solution integrates the processing of Sonar and lidar bathymetry, water column and seafloor imagery in a single application.

Click the product names and feature names for more details.

Single Beam Bathymetry  
Sensor data
Multibeam Bathymetry  
Side Scan Imagery    
Multibeam Imagery    
Water Column Imagery (WCI)/Multiple Detections      
Multi-user Processing      
Post-processed Auxiliary Data      
Total Propagated Uncertainty (TPU) and CUBE  
IHO QC Tools      
Variable Resolution (VR) Surfaces      
Contouring and Soundings  
Additional GIS Tools      

A full feature list is available by request.

Additional Modules and Utilities

Engineering Analysis Module™ (EAM): A set of analysis tools aimed at supporting port and waterway operations.

Total Propagated Uncertainty (TPU): TPU Computation Resource.

Tech Specs

Component Recommended
Processor Recent generation multi-core CPU
Memory 16 GB of RAM
Storage 7200 RPM disk drive or Solid State Drive, minimum 1 GB available for installation
Display NVidia® or AMD® display adapter with 512MB of memory or greater
Operating System Windows 7® Professional 64-bit with Service Pack 1 or later, Windows® 10 64-bit
Other USB port for software key. A standards-based PDF viewer
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