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Implement a single, seamless database solution for your Geospatial data with CPD. Using an Oracle® database, CPD offers an integrated solution that allows stakeholders to consolidate their geospatial data into a single source, thus removing redundancy and establish efficient data use.

CPD offers a customizable data model for scalability within an enterprise environment. The data model supports real-world objects defined by a combination of descriptive and spatial characteristics.

Quality assurance of data is a primary component to a CPD implementation. With local data locking and with the implementation of mandatory and read-only attributes, applications offer a series of data validation and certification functions.

The CPD data source can also be published for use by web mapping applications, such as CARIS Spatial Fusion Enterprise, or third party products that also utilize Oracle® Locator. Published data can also be linked to supporting databases that provide additional attribution to spatial data, thus providing a truly open enterprise solution.