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Core Production Database Version 2.5 Now Available

For Immediate Release

Fredericton, NB, Canada – April 30, 2007 – CARIS is pleased to announce the release of Core Production Database (CPD) version 2.5.

Using Oracle® data processing, CPD is a seamless, geospatial database that enables stakeholders to consolidate their data into a single source, thus removing redundancy and establishing more efficient use of available data.

Version 2.5 delivers new support for Unicode character sets, support for all regional language settings, a new graphical user interface program for loading files to the database, and enhancements to the project management functionality providing more direct linkages of projects to data production.

"We are delighted by the market response we are getting for CPD for data spatial data infrastructure and enterprise GIS projects," explains Rick Nyarady, CARIS CPD Product Manager. "Through CPD, users are reducing duplication of effort among departments and improving quality and reducing costs related to geographic information."

CDP is designed to be a truly open enterprise solution. The data model is customizable for scalability within an enterprise environment. Furthermore, source data in CPD can be published using web-mapping applications while linking this published data to supporting databases provides additional attribution to spatial data.

For more information about CPD visit www.caris.com/products/cpd.

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