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CARIS 2014 Program

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Join CARIS in France

In June 2014, CARIS will host its 15th international user group conference in Brest, France, one of Europe's main centres of marine science and technology.

Rich in maritime history, Brest is recognized as a centre of excellence in marine research, education and hydrography, and is the home of the prestigious Service Hydrographique et Océanographique de la Marine (SHOM). With its natural harbours and beautiful coastlines, the surrounding region of Brittany has strong links to the sea and will provide an inspiring setting for CARIS 2014.


CARIS 2012 conference

CARIS 2014 agenda

June 2 - 3, 2014
Boot camps
User group meetings

June 4 - 5, 2014
Conference session
Poster session
CARIS 2014 speakers


CARIS conferences bring together an unmatched roster of top speakers to present in-depth technical papers.

Keynote speakers
June 4 - Bruno FRACHON
June 5 - Wendy WATSON-WRIGHT
June 5 - Gilles BESSERO

Boot camps

Two dynamic two-day boot camps will focus on the leading hydrographic data processing system, HIPS and SIPS, and the support of S-100 hydrographic data standards.


User group meetings

Specialized user group meetings deliver a unique opportunity for knowledge exchange among new and experienced CARIS users from organizations located around the world.



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