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Fraser River Mashup, British Columbia

AUTHOR: Kevin Wilson - CARIS
DESCRIPTION: The area depicted in this image is the South Arm of the Fraser River. The data consists of bathymetry, AutoCAD drawings, S-57 ENC charts, and Open Street Map.
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Bathymetry and drawings courtesy of the Canadian Coast Guard, Waterways Management Program and the Department of Public Works and Government Services Canada. Charts courtesy of the Canadian Hydrographic Service.


GB Church Dive Site

AUTHOR: Alexis Cardenas - Kongsberg Maritime
DESCRIPTION: Shipwreck of GB Church, now turned into a dive site in Sidney, Vancouver.
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: KONGSBERG EM 2040 multibeam datasets.
COPYRIGHT: Courtesy of Canadian Hydrographic Service.


Port of Zeebrugge, Belgium

AUTHOR: Marc Roesbeke - Flemish Hydrograpy
DESCRIPTION: The area covers the entrance of the port of Zeebrugge. The image shows the harbour S-57 ENC “Zeebrugge” created with HPD and several BASE surfaces created with Bathy Database.
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: The datasets were collected by a combination of KONGSBERG EM 3002D multibeam echosounding system, Atlas DESO 35 Singlebeam and Navitracker Systems and also, LiteMapper 5600 LIDAR system.


Bridge Pier, Montreal

AUTHOR: Mathieu Rondeau - CIDCO
DESCRIPTION: Combined BASE Surface and 3D point cloud scene showing the submerged structure of a bridge pier (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: The dataset was collected with a RESON Seabat 7125 SV sonar tilted 30 degrees sideways.


Lower Baker Dam

AUTHOR: Mike Stecher - Solmar Hydro Inc
DESCRIPTION: High resolution multibeam data collected for a forebay inspection survey in Northern Washington State.
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Data collected with a R2Sonic 2024 multibeam sonar.


USCG Cutter Steadfast

AUTHOR: Kevin Tomanka, James Coleman, Mike Castle - David Evans and Associates
DESCRIPTION: USCG Cutter Steadfast at the 17th St. Dock - Astoria, OR. Combined multibeam sonar bathymetry and vessel based laser scanner data. The words U.S. Coast Guard can be clearly seen on the vessel's hull.


Bristol Channel

AUTHOR: Andrew Winterbottom - UKHO
DESCRIPTION: Multibeam survey in the Bristol Channel. In May 1897, Marconi successfully transmitted the first ever wireless messages to go over the sea from Lavernock Pt to Flat Holm Island, which once contained an isolation hospital for seafarers to protect the mainland against cholera.
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency. Data acquired using a KONGSBERG EM 3002D by Marin Mätteknik AB (Sweden) for the UK Civil Hydrography Program.


Burns Harbour North Breakwater

AUTHOR: Alexander Unrein, David Somers - Ocean Surveys, Inc
DESCRIPTION: Burns Harbour North Breakwater, Indiana.
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: The above water portion of the breakwater (in grey) was acquired using a boat mounted RIEGL LMS-Q120 laser scanner. Bathymetry was acquired using a RESON 8125 multibeam system.


Halifax Harbour

AUTHOR: Andrew Smith, ORS Team - Hydrographic Services Office Halifax.
DESCRIPTION: For the International Fleet Review in Halifax Harbour, Nova Scotia, June 2010, Additional Military Layers were produced, following S-57 specifications, to assist the Department of National Defence in planning anchorage locations and Her Majesty the Queen's inspection route for Canadian and visiting fleets based on procedural and environmental factors.
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Surface created with BASE Manager.
COPYRIGHT: Charts courtesy Canadian Hydrographic Service.


Patos and Sucia Islands

AUTHOR: Kalman Czotter, Dr. H. Gary Greene - Canadian Hydrographic Service
DESCRIPTION: High resolution multibeam bathymetry of area between Patos and Sucia Islands, San Juan archipelago of western Washington, showing folds which are underlain by sedimentary rocks of the Upper Cretaceous Nanaimo Group and Eocene Chucka-nut Formation.


HMAS Brisbane

AUTHOR: Toby Reise - Maritime Safety Queensland
DESCRIPTION: The ex-HMAS Brisbane is a Royal Australian Navy destroyer located in 26 m of water off the coast of Mooloolaba, Queensland. It was sunk in 2005 to become a recreational dive site.


Panama Canal

AUTHOR: Jaime A. Pérez, Cartography Section - Panama Canal Authority
DESCRIPTION: Bathymetric surfaces at the Gatun locks and the plans for the third new set of locks overlayed on ENC, orthophoto and the new Panama Canal expansion design.
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Mr. Jaime Rodríguez, manager; Mr. Alejandro Lú Bonilla, supervisor; and the team of the Topography / Cartography / Hydrography Section of the Panama Canal Authority.


Bull's Scarp

AUTHOR: SeaMap Program Students - College of Charleston
DESCRIPTION: BASE surface of Bull's Scarp, a continental shelf-edge feature off the South Carolina coast (depth range 40 - 220 m). Data were collected and processed by College of Charleston SeaMap Program undergraduate students on board the NOAA Ship Nancy Foster..


Antarctic and Southern Oceans

AUTHOR: Serge Levesque - CARIS
DESCRIPTION: Article 76 submissions around Antarctica and in the Southern Oceans. 200 nautical miles limits are shown in red and outer limits of the submitted continental shelves shown in Orange. Projection: Polar Stereographic Backdrop bathymetry image: GEBCO 30 regridded to Polar Stereographic (900 m grid) from 50°S to the South pole Areas of overlap are shown for the Argentina and UK submitted claims.


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