January 2007
Earth Hemispheric Map Centred at Taiwan
Created by Reading Information Technology Incorporated (RITI) using Celestial Explorer: Earth. The product was developed using RITI's own SICOM component software engine for spatial (GIS) application development. Through Celestial Explorer: Earth, users can get a view of Earth from anywhere in space, as well as observe topographic features through whole earth image mosaics generated from NASA's Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer, or MODIS, located onboard the Terra satellite. Also shown: Moon emispheric map and Hemispheric Mars map centered at Marineris Valles.
Author: Reading Information Technology Inc., United States
Software: CARIS Spatial Framework is the core of the RITI engine SICOM that was used to build Celestial Explorer: Earth
Data Source: NASA Terra MODIS images